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  1. 5.0

    I recommend CMP to anyone who is interested in playing congas for the first time ever, first time in a while, or if you just want make sure you stay on top of your game right now. I learned a lot and definitely improved a lot from his lessons. I’m currently in his Latin percussion ensemble and I always make sure to attend the practices, even when I’m sick, cause it’s just fun being there and playing with other people. It helps a lot when your instructor has been to different parts of the world and has met some of the best drummers, and then shares that experience and what he’s learned from them with you.

  2. 5.0

    We have been very happy with Don–my teenage son has been studying drum kit with him for a year and a half and we just increased his lesson to an hour to include time on mallets. We recommend him wholeheartedly and frequently to friends looking for a private teacher to supplement what they are learning in school. Don is open to teaching to my son’s interests and working with him on school assignments, but also incorporates his own teaching technique built on vast experience, and inspires my son to think about the bigger picture. He is very open to our questions and concerns as well, is responsive and more than helpful. Don is a gifted musician who truly loves what he does and lives it!

  3. 3.0

    I have known of CMP for some years now and find that Mr. Skoog’s outreach is very interesting and thorough. Not only is he a very good teacher of Afro-Cuban instruments, techniques and rhythms, he also bundles is students into ensembles and then takes them “on the road” to local fairs, parks and retirement home spreading the joy of playing drums. And he also teaches drumset techniques teaching students not only how to play drumset but also how to exist in the musical ensemble community.

  4. 3.0

    Pete Todd – I meant to give CMP a 5 star review. Check it out.

  5. 3.0

    The Contemporary Music Project (CMP) is a great resource for learning percussion. I have been a student there for a couple years now and have learned a lot about Afro-Cuban percussion on Congas, Bata, Timbales, and even double bass. The teacher, Don, is very good at working with all ages and abilities and helping you move and study paths that you are interested in (e.g. is helping me learn jazz improvisation on double bass). Don also creates opportunities to play and even perform with an ensemble if that is of interest.
    Come check it out.

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